Monday, May 2, 2011

Just being lazy and I have a reason for it

I have been lazy lately writing something on my blog, actually for 3 months now I have not actually written anything. The reason for that is because since found out I was pregnant everything became slow. The morning sickness was bad and the school schedule was actually not helping. But I tried my best not to skip days or call it quits when it felt like it. Though we are late and slow, I know we can hang in there just enough to finish it before the baby gets here. I just need more patience and strength to actually do my job as a teacher to my kids. If I can continuously pull myself out of the bed every morning early enough to start our day, we will be fine. I'm on my 5th month now and everything is starting to get better. My moods are getting better, my diet is starting to improve and morning sickness is totally gone. So I think I am good until my final 2 mos. Hopefully, I can use the next months finishing up our lessons. I know next school year will be a little tricky and frankly I still don't know how will be able to do school with 3 kids and handle a baby at the same time. But that is another day to ponder and complain about. Just want to share why I haven't been on my blog lately. And now you know.