Friday, June 25, 2010

at home during summer

Here are a few pictures I will post, telling you about our summer. We don't do much. Just hang around the house. The two play summer baseball every Thursdays and Saturdays. Jhosh does some review work in Saxon Math and Alden continues to read daily and occasional math lessons. My youngest one does all sorts of stuff. He starts to read fluently 3 letter words which is amazing how fast he gets reading. I guess all the exposures he had gotten from the 2 boys have paid off. No more worries for Mommy. I guess when they are young, you worry too much. You question yourself a lot if you can ever teach them how to read or teach them math. But eventually, the saying " children are like sponge" is very true. You expose them to reading and do a lot of math manipulative at home, and they will eventually get it. Summer is all about Mommy, as my kids say. I am so busy trying to figure out changes that should be done in our school, assessing curriculum and praying a lot that whatever decisions I make will bring good results for the kids this coming school year.

This is Taylor, trying to play checkers by himself.

Jhosh, doing some math in the morning.

Alden, doing his reading time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

We are done!!!

I can finally relax and I am so happy that school is done for this year. I also finished our School Report, Attendance Report and their Report Cards. All I have to do is send it tomorrow to our PSP. I am so happy. We can finally spend most time playing outside, going to the park, reading books we all love. I don't have to plan and think about next week's course. I am FREE for another month and off planning next school year. I am also decided what to get for my 6th and 1st graders. Kids are going to start playing baseball for Junior Giants this summer. They are so excited. I also found an indoor swimming pool around here and maybe we can go this summer and I can finally teach them how to swim, especially my ds10. My plan for this summer is to continue my ds5 reading to be read for grade 1 this year. Ds10 can do a couple of math review exercises, so not to forget what he learned this year. He requested that this summer he gets to have his own book list and I told him yes but I have to know what the book is all about first. Well things are going great here. Weather is perfect, not too hot. I know we will enjoy our summer vacation. Have a FUN VACATION EVERYONE!!!