Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Friday

Well...I made it. Every Spring our schedule change tremendously. My two boys play baseball so 4 out of our weekdays are filed with practices and games. Imagine juggling every thing in one day, school, chores and sports. I constantly look at time making sure I have something left to make sure I can prepare dinner and we have something to eat when we get home.
I love being a mom but sometimes it really takes a toll on me. I want a BIG break from it but I know I can't. I just don't want to disappoint my kids. I know how much they enjoy this. School is almost over but we haven't gotten closer to finishing stuff. We are still doing our best to catch up. I am trying my best to save energy for our daily readings. I just wish I have more than 24 hours to spare in a day so I can finish all my chores and be happy and satisfied and never left with guilt that I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing.
Well it's almost 4pm and I just caught a small break, enough to write this one. We will be soon of to practice until 6pm tonight. Hope I can trust my 13y/o boy to stick a whole chicken in our rotisserie:) We will see...

Friday, March 7, 2014

2 years already

I did not realized it has been almost 2 years since the last time I wrote on my blog. Time surely fly so fast. I wanted to blog more but having a toddler in the house makes it harder to track time. Adding the pressure of homeschooling ,wanting to just get done in a reasonable time before hubby gets home from works; at least look decent for him to atleast notice me.
But hey, hubby is out of the country, finally was able to get on track on some much needed to do chores; I finally get to sit and write. And what? what to tell...
Well, did you know that I have a highschooler now? Who would have thought. I never did think I will survive homeschooling this long and have almost all my children are being homeschooled by me. Tempe is almost 3 and ready to start her journey. She knows her alphabet, can count 1-10, knows her colors and shape and can now say sounds of every letter. And all because she joins us every morning, everyday at our kitchen table. She's done quite well without me shedding a tear.  That is why I love homeschooling, for that matter. They pick up stuff from siblings. Things you don't even try teaching they get from books that are scattered around the house.
What else? I started baking more. I find baking to be relaxing. It calms me and I enjoy it. Kids for sure love it.By the way, it's baseball season again. So 4 times a week we are out, either on the practice field or a game. My two boys love it and what can you do when your kids love to do something. You just go for it no matter how busy it can get. Jhoshua, my eldest is getting out of the house more often now. He gets to stretch his wings a little bit farther. I am glad about that. He meets friends, help kids at the library, attends a swimming club. I enjoy watching his small moments of freedom away from Mommy. I guess kids are all thriving and soon enough they will be out of our house. I just hope I taught them good things that will be fruitful for them.