Saturday, May 22, 2010

Are we there yet?

Well, we are almost done with our school year and yet I feel like we have been dragging the days. When I'm almost happy to see the end of the school year, I get all this renewal forms from ISP, P.E group, HSLDA and all other group we have joined this year. I haven't done the kid's grades yet and I am already planning, signing and paying activities for next school year. Can you believe that! I have finally made the final decision for our curriculum next year and all I have to do is get the courage to buy them. But I don't want to do just that yet because I don't want to begin another task while we are still in school. I want to feel that I can rest for a little bit and not be bothered by school planning for next school year. I will have the time for that as soon as I end this year. Hopefully, we are right on track.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can't decide

This is the time of the year when I start to plan for the next school year. And for the past week I have yet to decide what curriculum will I use for Science for my 6th grader. He said he want to try a textbook kind of curriculum this year and so I am trying to find what is best out there. We have been following the The Well Trained Mind method of doing science and I guess Jhosh wants to approach science differently this year. He got tired of doing one particular subject in a year. He wants to try doing Life, Earth and Physical science topics in a year. Variations is what he wants. I am looking at BJU, Science Explorer or Focus on Science. It is so hard to decide when you can only base your opinion to what you see online. It doesn't give you enough information to choose. I have read a lot of threads online about opinions on these particular books but I am still in doubt. I will continue to search and hopefully I will find the right one for us.