Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School is coming...not yet.

Why do I have this feeling of laziness? I don't want to start school yet. Actually, this is the first year I ever felt this way. I am usually eager to start and I usually plan ahead. And yet as of today, nothing has been bought yet, I haven't started planning our activities and surprisingly I am calm about it. Maybe because I am so indulged with my little girl. It's been a while since we had a baby in this house. But having a baby girl is totally new and exciting for me. I spent most my days looking for pretty clothes and shoes for this little munchkin we have at home. Actually, instead of planning school, I am so excited planning her 1st birthday party on September 2. All the stuff I wanted to get for her, decorations and give away stuff for kids, are things that are important for me lately.
Anyway, just giving you a reason or call it an excuse for not thinking about school yet. I have learned to not worry too much about homeschooling. I have learned to look at my kids and realized that they are doing well and starting a little late is not going to mess them up. I have also learned to embrace motherhood and enjoy every bit of joy it brings in my life.
So if we ever start school late this year, I guess I deserve a little break. I know my little girl deserve all these attention we are giving her right now.