Monday, May 14, 2012

Here I am, still ALIVE!!!'s been a long time. So let me fast forward and give you some updates of what is life been like here at home.
1. Baby girl ( Temperance) came last September 2 and everything seems so busy. I did not think or plan ahead, so things are kind of out of order in my house hold at the moment. I promise myself that the coming school year will be planned ahead so I won't be this way ever again. (I doubt that, but will see, just the perfecttionist in me talking.)

 2. School is wonderful. A lot of things are neglected along the way of having a baby, but luckily school went well and almost done. Which I thought would suffer once the baby is here. But I guess, the willingness inside of me to let go of some chores and things around the house made it possible for us to do school on a regular basis.

3. I have decided to make myself a daily schedule. This is really helping me out. Sorting my day from the most important chore to the least. I try not to fret when all things on the list are not done. One thing I have realized for the past months is that things will be done when you decide to do them and not just look at the list and make excuses. Another important lesson is that, nothing bad will happen if all chores are not done. It's better do be sane all day accomplishing one important thing than trying to finish everything and be a horrible person to everyone.

4. Baby is doing well, being spoiled and all that. Kids and my hubby are happy to finally have a girl. What a difference it makes in our house. Everyday she is thriving. Right now, she is trying her best to figure out crawling so she can chase our dog. And the giggles that come out of her is such a beautiful music to our ears.

5. Boys are busy doing other stuff outside. Made a rule that I plan to follow through out this year. No electronics until school is done. They can have a break and play outside but no electronics. Which is really working well. They spent a lot of time outside digging the ground and play pretend and they actually spend their afternoon biking, which I am very happy about. I thought I will never be able to break their attachment to their iPads and video games. I was wrong.

 6. Baseball season is going on right now so we are pretty busy on their practices and games. All these will end until August.

So what am I trying to say is that the world will not come to an end because I had a baby. It's all in my mind. The panic inside me was just the idea of fear. I know now things will be ok as long as you don't expect too much of yourself. Allow yourself to just be miserable sometimes and accept the situation wholeheartedly. AND PRAY A LOT. And 8 months later, things are almost the same as they used to be.