Sunday, May 31, 2009

School almost over

Well we are on our 35th week of our school year and we are almost done. And here I am starting to figure our what are the things we will use again and the things we will get rid of. I always believe that if a curriculum works well, it doesn't matter if it's unpopular for others what matters is that it works for you. I always get tempted to try something else based on popularity demand. For example, we have used Saxon Math from the very beginning but I have heard and read so much about Teaching Textbook ,so I switched. Well, Teaching Textbook is a very good program but it wasn't for us. So we ended up going back to Saxon again. But I still have 2 boys following my eldest so we might be able to use it when their time comes.
When it comes to grammar curriculum, I am hands down to Rod and Staff Grammar. It is very thorough and has a lot of practice and review. My son loves it and really learning it. I don't think I will ever look into another grammar curriculum ever again.
The only subjects that I frequently change is science. We have used a lot of curriculum because I think there is nothing out there yet that will fit our science appetite. I love science and my son loves it too. But instead of choosing a curriculum with 10 different topics in it or a curriculum with one topic in it, we chose to do Science per semester. That means that the first half of the year we do one topic and the second semester is also a different topic. We do this because we don't want to get bored studying the same thing the whole year but give us enough time to learn it and enjoy it. This year we have done Botany and Earth Science. And my kids have learn so much this year.
History, we have done Story of the World. I will never change this too. My son loves to read this book. And have learned so much from it that sometimes I think he knows more than me. This curriculum had brought my children the love of history. And that I am glad and thankful. I have never heard them say...history is boring. Because this book is really a good history read book.
Though I am mostly sure of what we are going to use this coming school year, I am hoping that I will have the courage to stand by my decision and not to be persuaded to try something else.
All in all, this year has been good. I guess 3 years of doing homeschooling , we finally found our stride and I am just hoping that this will continue. I will just have to think of more ideas to make our homeschooling more fun.

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