Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekly Report (Dec. 7 - 11)

This week, kids are very excited about Christmas that they are a little bit distracted. A lot of our conversations are dwelling about their ever changing Xmas list. But we manage to do a little bit of work, not the usual amount of school work, but it's still good. It's not like we are running out of time. There is always time, as I have always heard it from a lot of homeschooling moms. We will probably take it slow from now and just play catch up next year.
Here is what we did this week.

Jhoshua (5th Grader)
> ordered him a new math book this week to practice from, Prealgebra - Accelerated Course by Dolciani. We'll see how he does. He has been playing around math lately, giving him some review works from Saxon and Lial's BCM. But he has been doing great that I decided to start prealgebra with him and introduce more concepts. No hurry but just trying.
> Writing using IEW, this week I focused on his writing and did a little grammar. He wrote 2 reports from Usborne History this week and sat with him while checking his paragraphs. Making sure he is able to apply dress ups and openers more easily. He loves writing which is very uncommon with boys. I see his eagerness to improve his writing skills.
> History, we did Ch. 16 of SOTW/ read a couple of chapters of History of US.He found this book at the library and borrowed it and wanted to read it. He finds it interesting. So we are now adding it to our reading supplements for American History study this year.
> We skip science this week and just read a book about birds.
> The rest of the week were spent talking and reading. I am enjoying reading Poor Richard to them. I like it better than D'Aulaire's.

Alden (kindergartner)
We did the usual things. Reading for 20 mins with me daily. Practice his writing, doing really well by the way. And did a lot of counting around the house this week. Played a lot of manipulatives with him. And he drew tons and tons this week. He loves to draw.

So that is how our days went on this week. Not too much. Just enough to finish something and spend tons of time sitting on the couch, listening to Christmas carols and reading christmas stories. Fun and easy week for us.


Daisy said...

Sounds like everyone is ready for Christmas in your house. I'm debating whether to have school next week. My kids also have Christmas on the brain & I wonder if school will even make a dent in their memory banks. LOL.

I love your blog. It is beautiful and I love seeing the smiling faces of those boys at top.

Our Westmoreland School said...

I love the idea of reading Poor Richard!

Thanks for sharing, it sounds like you had a really good week.

Leila said...

Thank you, Daisy for commenting on my blog. This week I found extra time to update it. =)