Friday, February 26, 2010

A week without school

Last week we went to Reno and had a week long vacation. Sometimes, you need to have a break in between homeschooling because it gets long and tiring that everyone gets to each others hair. I am very guilty about this. That is why every six week, I take away myself from homeschooling and just enjoy my life as a mother. And this one week gives us a breather and gives us a fresh air. Mommy is not a teacher for a week but just plain mommy. My kids miss that time when you don't tell them religiously what to do and sit around the table everyday to do school. I feel it is my responsibility to make them feel and remind them that I am their mother and I can spend time with them without talking about school. They don't worry about me grading them or asking them questions. A week of free homeschooling. So last week, after our anniversary, we decided to head to Reno to change our scenery. And boy! We had so much fun. I chose to stay in a hotel with spa and resort so we could swim in warm water and forget about the cold winter air. Kids got to spend time in the arcade for hours. This rarely happens so it is really a treat for them. We got to eat out everyday, those yummy and scrumptious food. For a week, we were spoiled by things we rarely encounter. Even our dog, Lancelot, enjoyed his stay in a hotel that allows pets. And what a blessing we had this week, that it even snowed. We never had snow here in Newark, California. So when it snowed, we were out and about and played for hours outside. And drinking hot cocoa after,gives us a new meaning to just mere drinking hot cocoa. There is something about it after a long exposure to snow. Small things like this makes you more thankful. Heading home,I know that I had given myself time and my kids pleasure to enjoys their mother. I love my job as a teacher but a week of just being a mom gave me more joy and remind me to relax and enjoy time being a Mom and enjoy time with my children.
Here are some pics.

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