Tuesday, July 5, 2011

31st week, 8 more weeks to go

I am starting to feel tired of being pregnant. My belly is huge and my feet are starting to swell. I get tired easily and I can't walk very far without my back hurting. And to think I still have 8 more weeks to go. I guess what is making me complain is that I have always been active and actually enjoyed doing chores around the house. And I am very good at it, too. Now, I have to ask help from my eldest, whom of course doesn't like doing it very much, ending up with sloppy work, making me even more upset. But what can I do...nothing. Just have tons of time to sit and rest and complain more until the baby comes out and I can complain even more for lack of sleep. I know time fly so fast. I just have to live each day until the morning of September 2 comes when I will see Temperance for the very first time and will make me feel all of these are worth while.

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