Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style...More than just a Seminar

I got my IEW:TWSS last week and I was able to watch disc 1 & 2 twice now and I want to share you my experience watching the video. First, I would like to tell Mr. Andrew Puweda , a warm thank you from the bottom of my heart. This video seminar so far accomplished 2 wonderful things for me. One, being just one of the best teaching writing curriculum I have seen so far. The seminar walks you step by step in learning how to write. You don't need to think about what to write, you can use any stories and start from there. The curriculum is GREAT but it did more than teach me on how to teach writing to my children but it taught me to be more compassionate and patient in teaching my children. I saw a mistake I thought was just normal and just part of teaching and learning process. While doing the exercises in the video, at first, it gave me a hard time doing it not because I don't know how to do it but because it was all new to me and Mr. Puweda said that that is normal because it is a new skill to learn, a different way, a new process. And he gives you advice how to handle or teach a student without breaking their will to learn how to write. And I saw my fault watching that video, now I understand , that everything that I am teaching my children are new to them. Not because it looks easy for me, it will be easy for them too. Sometimes, I get upset and say something I should not. I am lucky and blessed to have this chance to have seen these videos. This curricum have made me realize mistakes and lead me to the path of correcting my way of teaching. I need to be more patient with my kids. I need to slow down when they are having a hard time , I need to encourage them more and tell them more how wonderful they are doing. I need to focus and let them know the great improvements they have accomplished. I need to use more encouraging words in correcting their works. I don't want to kill the fire in their hearts to learn. I don't want them to stop asking questions that make them think and analyze and wonder. IEW have made me a better teacher and a better mom. Sometimes, you learn a lesson in life in weird circumstances. And this is one lesson in life, I will always be thankful for. Not only for the impressive curriculum but the way it made me realize to have more patience and lots of understanding teaching my children.

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