Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Report ( March 8 -12 )

Jhoshua (Grade 5)

This week we have been reading a lot. We are on Week 22 of Biblioplan and we are studying about American Revolution and the Constitution. My son had so many questions about how the government works and how it all came to place. I didn't really think he would be interested about government studies and politics but I was wrong. He sure did read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and told me how interesting it is. He loved all the books by Jean Fritz. He sure is reading on his own now and all I have to do is give some questions. I miss reading aloud to him but he likes to read on his own now.
I also started letting him do some subjects on his own. Grammar and his writing are done independently. We divide our science lectures and experiments. I do lectures with him an hour every week and he does outlining and experiments on his own. We sit down every Friday for an hour talking about the books he is reading for his history and literature. We do Math first thing in the morning, split the excercises into 2 parts. He does the practice sets with me and he does the first 15 items in the morning and the last 15 in the afternoon. We do this now because I found out that the longer he sits at the table doing all that math problems the quicker he loses focus, there by making silly mistakes. This way we eliminate dawdling and wasting time.
We are on lesson 21 of Latin course, studying imperfect tense. Our lesson went well this week. I ask him to conjugate more Latin verbs.
For our extra curricular this week. I am starting to teach my eldest how to cook. He has been interested watching me cook and it's only now that I am comfortable enough to actually let him cook. We did simple things. We started doing pancakes, eggs and bacon. And I taught him how to bake a cake using the prepared cake mix. He had so much fun this week doing all that cooking and baking.

Alden, my kindergartner

> I am so happy this week with the way our Math has been going. He has shown so much interest in practicing his addition facts. He would pull out his counters on his own and would ask me to add with him. He finally able to understand calendar, how days and months works. He has mastered his counting by 2, 5 and 10. So far, I have no problem with math with this kid and that is a blessing.
> His reading had improved so much, too. He started reading better and showing less difficulty in blending.
> He also has been practicing his handwriting a lot lately, doing his copywork. He has been enjoying writing short sentences .

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