Friday, June 11, 2010

We are done!!!

I can finally relax and I am so happy that school is done for this year. I also finished our School Report, Attendance Report and their Report Cards. All I have to do is send it tomorrow to our PSP. I am so happy. We can finally spend most time playing outside, going to the park, reading books we all love. I don't have to plan and think about next week's course. I am FREE for another month and off planning next school year. I am also decided what to get for my 6th and 1st graders. Kids are going to start playing baseball for Junior Giants this summer. They are so excited. I also found an indoor swimming pool around here and maybe we can go this summer and I can finally teach them how to swim, especially my ds10. My plan for this summer is to continue my ds5 reading to be read for grade 1 this year. Ds10 can do a couple of math review exercises, so not to forget what he learned this year. He requested that this summer he gets to have his own book list and I told him yes but I have to know what the book is all about first. Well things are going great here. Weather is perfect, not too hot. I know we will enjoy our summer vacation. Have a FUN VACATION EVERYONE!!!

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