Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trip to Lake Elizabeth Park

We went to the park yesterday after going to the doctor. Jhoshua fell from his bike and broke his arm 6 weeks ago. And finally after 6 weeks, Jhoshua's cast is gone. It was very hard for him wearing a cast. He missed most of his baseball games. And it was also hard for him writing. So the remaining 5 weeks of our school was mostly done with narrations. He's probably very happy about that.
It was a beautiful day outside. We were at the park around 10am stayed there till 1pm. I took lunch with us and we had a picnic by the lake. Usually I bring them here only to play in the play area. We never really explore the place. But we had time yesterday and they actually agreed to walk around the lake. We really had a nice time.
It was also very nice for me. Now that school is over and I should be relaxing and enjoying my free time instead I busy myself thinking and planning about the next school year. And going out yesterday and spending time outside our house gave me a break of my worries. It made me realized that I should do this more often with my kids now that its summer and the weather permits. There are so many things we can do in this park. We found out yesterday that they have a boat ride during the weekends, so we'll probably check that out too.
I also started checking out places around here in Fremont,Ca. We moved here 6 mos ago and wilth all the stuff I have to do and do school at the same time, we didn't really have much time taking fieldtrips. But now that we are settled and I have ordered everything we need and planned everything for this school year. All I am planning doing is read my books and take my children to places and have lots of fun.

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