Friday, September 18, 2009

This is my 4th year of homeschooling!

I was sitting on my couch the other day planning our fieldtrips this year and I stumbled upon school papers dated 4 years ago. I can't believe it's been 4 yrs. that we've been homeschooling. I remember vividly how panicked I got planning everything for my 6 y/o then. I thought every curriculum I have chosen is wrong and I put too much time reading homeschool links online. I joined every possible yahoo groups I could fine and still I thought to myself I would fail. Now remembering those days give a smile on my face and a pat on my back that I did quite well. Not expected but well. Just the experience of teaching a child to read is an experience of great accomplishment. I thought it will be the hardest part of my day. But I was wrong again. I had the greatest fun though teaching math. First, it was my favorite subject growing up and next my then first grader had a quick learning for it and I enjoyed the experience with him. Now, I can't believe he is doing Saxon 7/6 at his young age. My husband always reminded me that my children are doing great because I am there for them at all times, sitting with them in every step of the way. And that is the greatest blessing and opportunity they could ever have growing up. The ability to go places, see things, experiment and interact with different people in the community. Now I am more convinced that the cliche of "lack of socialization" among homeschoolers is downright wrong. I know we stay home a lot and do school at home, but we also go places that most kids never get to go visit because of "school time". I can see that my kids are very comfortable talking with adults and asking "good" questions when given a chance to speak. I enjoy the sound of their laughters everyday and (sometimes) dislike the reasoning skills they have at a very young age. I love to read and the most special part of our school day is sitting on the couch together, and I staring at their curious faces waiting impatiently for the story I am about to read to them.
"One more, pls!" is almost an everyday request. I could read to them for hours if I can but of course I am still a mom and a wife and I have tons of chores to do.
I am not saying homeschooling is always fun. We also stumble upon "bad days". When kids wants to do something else and important stuff must be accomplished and you can actually hear the silent complaints in their actions. "School is not all fun" I always reminded them. There is a lot of work that goes with it. And I try to remind them again and again why we homeschool. To give them the best education they could possibly have. A privilege that not all families get a chance to have.
Four years passed and my second child is in Kindergarten this year and I am starting again. I am actually proud of myself, I am not scared anymore and I am more confident this time around. And I think that is a good thing. My kids are blossoming, they enjoy doing school with mommy and I am happy. What God put upon my shoulder to carry, I am more than welcome to embrace it.

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