Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Report (Sept. 21 - 25)

This week was a busy week for us. Monday is our PE day so we have to go to our PE coop in the afternoon and let them play soccer with other kids their age. We don't get to accomplished a lot school wise in Monday but we try to do more the next day. This week with my kindergartener, he is starting to write his letters and numbers really well. I make him write his 1 - 10 numbers in a separate sheet of paper to practice daily. Reading is going well too. With my eldest, everything is kind of slowing down. He is in the age where he is starting to question everything we do and everything he needs to do so everyday is a battle for now. His answer to his problem is to work slower and maybe( with hope) his mom will just give up and let him do his thing. BUT I am not about to give up when I know how smart he is and he is just growing up and starting to mature. I can live up with those changes and maybe he will too.
Wednesdays and Thursdays are regular school days for us. Wednesday night is AWANA night for us. Kids love going to their Awana. And I am glad about that. These two days are days when we can catch up in our lessons and readings. But this Friday, my husband's work sent him to Sacramento and we decided tol go with him and explore the city as our fieldtrip. We had so much fun. We did a lot of walking and the kids were in their best mood. We were able to go inside California State Capitol Building and it was beautiful. They were able to go inside the Governor's office, and I took pictures of them. In the afternoon, we went to a Train Museum and the kids and I had a blast. Seeing those huge old trains that used to travel along America. We were able to see how they are inside and they are beautiful and amazing.
That was our week worth of homeschooling. It was busy for us. But next week I think it will be a relax week for us and I am hoping we could do more Science experiments.

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