Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Standardize Testing this week!

This week is my eldest SAT so we are not doing school this week. Last week, he asked me to give him the week off for him to be able to review or practice answering test questions. So for two weeks, we are on test mood. He has been going now for 2 days at his ISP school to take the exam. So far, he said, everything is going great except for science which is very heavy on Physical Science and we have been studying Zoo 1 and Chemistry this year. So most of the question regarding Physics (energy, motion, electricity) are very unfamiliar to him. He had difficulty answering them. But I reminded him ,that Science and History are the only 2 subjects that I am not concern too much about because we don't actually follow the schedule of public school when it comes to these 2 subjects. He felt bad about it and there's nothing really I can do. The last day of the test is tomorrow. I hope everything goes well for him and I am praying that he will do well on his Social Studies tomorrow. But I am happy to know that he did really well on Math and he said that it wasn't hard at all. Most of the Language Arts except Grammar were done today and he was also optimistic about that. I am very happy that he did well on subjects that we focus on, Language Arts and Math.

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