Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekly Report ( March 29 - April 2 )

This week was a light week for us. First, we had stayed in the house, most of the week because of rain. Second, my mother-in-law is visiting us this week for her birthday on Easter Sunday. So the kids got excited about seeing Grandmom and had no energy what so ever to do school. So we had a very relax week this Week 27. Here are some of our activities.

Jhoshua (My 5th grader)

1. Did 3 lessons in Math this week. We are in a review mode. We finished Saxon 7/6 early and we started Saxon 87. But I thought before we go further, we just have to review some lessons since he has plenty of time. Plus, Saxon 87 is pretty much Prealgebra, so I don't want him moving in that direction that quick. So this week, I had him choose lessons in Saxon 7/6 to do.

2. Language Arts: We are on Punctuations this week on grammar. For this week, I made him write sentences using proper use of commas and diagramming it after. He encountered some suffixes this week in his spelling lesson, so I ask him to look up words in the dictionary. He did 3 outlining this week, 2 summary narrations and 1 literary analysis for his book ,Johnny Tremain.

3. We did this Art lesson this week. I found it at our library and I thought it was great. It teaches you how to use watercolor and make simple art project.

4. We read and learned about Catherine the Great this week for our history. We are finishing Johnny Tremain (read aloud) and he is reading Toliver's Secret.

Alden (My Kindergartener)

1. Copy work, 2 sentences daily
2. Finished his Explode the Code Primer Book C this week.
3. Played a lot of his Math games and manipulatives.
4. Tried his very best to impress Grandmom by reading a lot this week.

Next week is Easter Break. So I am happy. Happy Easter to everyone !!!

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Tonia said...

I found the same series at our library! I've watched the first one and they look like a nice art program (though I'm waiting til fall before we start). Hope you enjoy them!