Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Too much rain...not that I'm complaining

It's been raining a lot lately here in the Bay Area and my kids and I missed spending our afternoon outside, in the park or just staying out in the garden. We missed going in our weekly P.E. every Wednesday. It's been 6 consecutive weeks that Wednesday turns out to be a rainy day. Boys do not do well coop up inside the house. They need the space to be running and playing. Our home, let's say is brimming with sighs and hums. Not a pretty sound. So lately, my kids have been napping more and we have been spending our afternoons in our couch reading. Not that we don't want to read but we just don't like the idea of being inside our house a lot. The only positive side of these is that we have been playing a lot of board games. We never did this before but we are actually enjoying this. I hope the sun will come out shining again. We hope we can actually find time this week to be out and about, enjoy the spring weather we usually have here in the sunny California.

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