Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekly Report (Oct.26 - 30)

This is week is a very light week for us. Two of my kids got sick and it's so hard to do school when 2 kids are in constant need of their mom. My eldest got lucky and did not get what his brothers had but this week he did most of his school work independently. And I am still not able to check some of his work. I'm a little behind but I am so thankful that my 2 young ones are finally okay and seems back to themselves again.
We are still reading 2 books this week. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which Jhosh is enjoying really well. I guess because he could somehow relate to being Tom. A lot of funny moments and laughs from him this week. Somehow, I have realized that my young 9 year old son is finally reading well. I am constantly amazed how much he can comprehend words in the text of the book which sometimes can be very wordy and deep. But it seems that he can grasp the story and really enjoy the book we are reading.
Another book we are reading is probably more enjoyable for me than him. The Witch of the Blackbird Pond. I think this is geared to a more mature reader but if you explain things , it is a very good book to read aloud. A lot of things to learn from and teach your kids.
Math this week is sort of a review for Jhosh. We have been slowing down and trying to master the basics. He has been really good in grasping concepts and I think at this point in his age, I want him to have more reviews and practice until the concept is really cemented.
In his AWANA class this week, he had to bring a carved pumkin. So we did that. That was fun for me. I like doing stuff like that. Though my boys just like to watch me do it.
For the past weeks, I have been reading Drawing with Children and I had this book for 3 yrs now and this is the first time I have finally read it and we are finally using it. And my kids are enjoying their art lessons so far. I really want them to learn to how to draw and I am sure with dedication on my part, it can happen.
I hope next week will be a more productive week for us. Everybody is well and good. So we can start catching up.

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