Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Report : November 2- 6, 2009

Here are things we accomplished this week:

Jhoshua (My 5th grader)

> We have been reviewing previous lessons in math. Fractions, decimals and percents. And since he has been doing well with these lessons, I get to introduce a new lesson this week, square root and square of the number. That went well. We are also focusing on his word problems this week about perimeter and area using Singapore CWP . We need to work on some problems still , more practice needed, then we can move on to decimals.
> I made him redo his writing this week because he was not into it last week and his work was a little bit on a sloppy side. But so far, he has been doing great in our IEW lessons. We are on lesson 4, taking notes from a source. I think we need to stay in this lesson for a while and need more practice. It will help him tremendously in his note taking. The rest of the language arts has been smooth sailing so far.
> This is our second round in our American History and so far we have been enjoying it. The historical fictions we have been reading are really good. This Country of Ours has been serving its purpose for us in conjunction with Story of the World 3.
> Science. We are doing 2 sciences this year. Chemistry and Zoology 1. We are on Properties of Matter. And we have been doing a lot of experiments lately and he is very happy the way our Chemistry is going on. In Zoo, we are on Birds and Migration. I have learned so much reading this book by Apologia.
> I am glad we can squeeze some of our elective this year. Drawing with Children is bringing joy in my kids art class. Music wise, we are listening to Ode to Joy by Ludwig Van Beethoven and reading a biography book of him.

Alden (My Kindergartener)
> Amazingly, this week has been great in terms of our reading, math and writing. He has finally transitioned into being fluent in reading short words. Math has been good. We have been doing addition stories, pennies and nickel lessons and shapes. He has mastered his shapes including rhombus, parallelogram and trapezoid. And it's so funny that he has been looking around the house for pennies and nickels. His writing skills has improved a lot. He is now starting to write his name in his work sheets. So far, I am amazed how well he did this week knowing he was sick the whole time last week. And he just bounced back and did really well.

So that's my weekly report. I hope that we continue to be this way each week. This has been a very blessed week for us. I am very happy.

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Daisy said...

Sounds like a wonderful week!