Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekly Report (November 9 -13)

This week is not so busy week for us. I guess the idea of the coming Thanksgiving is calming myself a little bit and looking forward to our Thanksgiving break. Here is the run down of our last week's activity.

Jhoshua (5th grader)

*Math : same thing we did last week. All we are doing is reviewing. I want to make sure he understood fraction, decimal and percent and be able to solve word problems applying those lessons. He's only 9 and I feel that though he is ready for prealgebra, I didn't want to rush and push it. So we are just taking our sweet time mastering his mathematical skills for now.
* Language Arts: this week we are beginning verbs again. So far everything is a review for him. I am more concern about writing for this week and he has been lazy this week and I was trying to teach him taking notes from a source and making outlines. We are not in a hurry in this part. Just giving him some pages from Usborne Science to outline.
* Latin: we are doing great. I see a lot of improvement on his derivative skills. Applying latin roots and able to tell meanings. We are reviewing first declension and searching words for his derivatives.
* Arts: I can see a lot of improvements on his drawing skills. Since we have been using Drawing with Children. He likes it and I can see that he draws more and practice more.
* Science: We studied bird's migration this week. We tried tracing the path of migration in Pacific flyway. We also research on birds common in our area.
* History: we are concentrating on American history this year. We are still reading SOTW every week but I chose "This country of Ours "to be our spine for this year. This week we read about New Hampshire and John Mason.
* Music: We are learning to sing a latin song "Adeste Fideles". My son loves to sing and he is actually practicing singing this song in his room. So I am happy that he is interested.

Alden (Kindergartner)

We did the same thing as last week. But this week I tried to add more time to his reading lessons. So we tried doing it twice a day in the morning and at night. He has been improving a lot in his reading skills and he is very happy about it. I tried doing a lot of manipulative games/activities for his math this week for review. We did a lot of counting and adding this week. He enjoyed counting pennies and nickels. His writing skills are a lot better. He can write his name very well now. He can write most of the letters in capital and small. So I think we will practice more and then I can make him copy short sentences soon. We started kindergarten with him slowly because I didn't want to push him but he has been doing a lot lately on his own. By this I mean, he is requesting things for him to do instead of me telling him to do things. Happy mommy!

So we only have this coming week to do school. Then we will have a week of vacation. I am so happy things are going well for us.

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