Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Report (Jan. 4- 8))

This week is not the normal week for us. The kids are still on vacation mode that they are all not excited to go back to school. Everything this week took so long to do, especially with my eldest.

Math: somebody gave me a BJU 6 Math and I liked how the format of this book and we decided to use it as a review book for my son. We will drop BCM (we finished Saxon 7/6) for now and resume using it next year.

Grammar/ Writing: This week my eldest practice his taking notes and making an outline. I made him outline his lesson in Science. He loves Zoology so this was an easy one for him. I think he is finally getting the benefit of outlining. He remembers more informations and understand more when he outlines what he reads.

Latin: We are on lesson 15 of Latina Christiana I. I have been watching the lessons with him lately. I find that he listens more and focus more if mommy is around. I do Henle Latin by myself and it's a lot easier now to explain to him the lesson every week.

History: We are almost done with Book 2 of History of US. My son is enjoying reading it. We follow the lessons at Biblioplan. I find that if we follow the schedule, we tend to do more and finish our history for the week.

Science: I gave him a test this week about the states of matter. I let him write down our vocabulary words for our past lessons. He also outlined his assigned reading for Zoology I.

Kindergarten this week:

Reading daily for 30 min.(split into 2 sessions 15 min.each time)

Math: We did not do any paperwork this week. I did 5 days using manipulatives. We did shape patterns, addition using his teddy bear counters.

Writing: He has been interested in writing his name. So he has been practicing doing that lately together with his Handwriting without Tears.

Phonics: He loves doing his Explode the Code Primer. He is on book B. He enjoys writing his letters using this book.

Read Aloud:

We are finishing Poor Richard this week. And I started reading an adaptation of Don Quixote which they are all enjoying. My eldest has been reading Calico Bush this week .


sgilli3 said...

Sounds like a very, very productive week!

Liza Q said...

I like the look of that Don Quixote - I am going to look for it in the library. And I enjoyed reading about your week!

Mandy in TN said...

Just curious, is BJUP6 more difficult than Saxon 76 or is it about the same and you just want to hold off on Lials until next year?

Our Westmoreland School said...

I think we'll be reading Don Quixote soon, thanks for mentioning it.

It's amazing how much you've gotten done with both dcs, thank you for sharing!