Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What did I do today aside from teaching?

Well I always think of my everyday occurrence always attached to teaching my kids. The morning I wake up, it's the first thing I think about besides coffee (of course). And today, I want to share about my daily "mom/housewife" schedule. What did I do today?

Well, I got up(7am), went to kitchen and had coffee. Sat there ...just sat, looking around my kitchen. Thought of breakfast and so I made some blueberry pancakes and bacon for us to have. Called the kids. They sat down ,prayed and started eating as I head off to my room and made our bed. I transferred to the next room where my young boys sleep. The room was a mess. How can kids can make so much mess so early in the morning? I don't know. I started to declutter, put their toys in place, made their bed and sigh. I went back to the kitchen, sat with the kids, who are almost done. I ate.
Tuesday...laundry...kids... SCHOOL! Spend all morning doing school. With an extra time in between while Jhoshua is doing Language arts, I went to do some laundry. After that, called my 2 young ones to start their "school". Letters and numbers and games for an hour. Then they break and I go to Jhosh and check his work. Morning is too fast. By 1130am, we did our LA, Science, History and Latin. Good day today. As I continue to load and dry clothes. Lunch comes along, I fed the kids. Had some time to clean up the house and sat with them and read a book .
1 hr break for everyone!!! my kids need some time to move and burn energy.
Afternoon comes... We did some writing. Then last...Math. Jhosh likes to do it last. So he doesn't feel that he is rush and can actually think. Believe it or not, this is the only subject I sit with him the whole time. We do the problems together so I know how much he knows. I just sit there, answer the problems myself and we compare answers. The two young ones are coloring at the table with us. This last for about an hour. Then we are done.
I can finally sit down and check my email and relax. Wait for time to roll by...5pm...time to make dinner. Hubby is coming by 6, dinner by 630pm. After that, clean up the kitchen, give the young ones a bath... give myself a reading time and go to bed.
Not too bad for a Tuesday.

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